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Tuesday, July 04, 2000

[7/2/2000 12:32:59 AM | Dean Landsman] Welcome to Dean Land To begin with, this weblog will include my rants on Baseball (most specifically, the World Champion New York Yankees), Telecom, Media, New Media, and anything else that strikes me as worth posting. It will also include an area for responses, replies, your input. As chief of content, editing and deleting rights will be up to management (me). Bear with me as I get the hang of the blog. It will improve over time. It wouldn't be right if I didn't mention a few items and people in this maiden post: I found 'blogger with some help from Joe Jennett. Check out his site: net.weblogs.com Joe was very helpful, trading e-mails back and forth with me. He understood my desire to get this going, as well as my not-so-technical status. All via e-mail, and just a few of them, at that. Big thanks to Joe! It was Joe who steered me to Blogger. You want to create a weblog of your own? You want a site to assist you in just that pursuit? Check out Blogger. There are a number of weblogs I check out on a pretty regular basis. The one that gets a daily look-see is my friend Doc Searls' weblog. Doc is one excellent writer, a real smart guy, and one of the authors of The Cluetrain Manifesto. A link on a recent post of Doc's was the beginning of my discovering Joe Jennett. That link deserves some credit by proxy. It also merits a visit. Check out Lemur Zone. That's Alan Herrell's site. He uses Joe's net.weblogs.com. Clearly, he knows more on the tech side than yours truly. More soon. This is a beginning. Your comments are welcome and encouraged.


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