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Saturday, March 26, 2005

My, it sure has been a long time since a post appeared on this blog. The world works in strange and mysterious ways. I'd forgotten of the existence of this blog. There's two other DeanLand blogs, one here, my main blog, and then there's this one, the "faux blog" created as a reaction in the Summer of 2004 when Weblogs.com went down. Due to a variety of events of an extreme nature (yep, both good and bad events) I haven't updated the main blog in over a month. Work is hectic. Health issues surrounding friends and family, and even yours truly, have been the focus of critical attention. My good friend died, a family member came down with the same exact illness that was the demise of my friend, so there was surgery and then a few weeks of follow-up fear and hell. At the moment all seems ok. The highs have been higher thanever, the lows have been to new depths. I long for the comfort of the middle ground. And yet there is a sense of feat that the middle may just be gone, sanctioned to memory. As the old phrase goes, only time will tell. And time ain't telling until you've already figured it out.


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