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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Official Annual Entry: 2015

It seems that every year at this time (mid January, more than halfway into the month) the existence of this blog comes to mine, and I remember to compose the annual (blogger or blogspot) blog entry.  A-posting I shall go.

Having read the prior few posts (few being the operative word here) it seems that each year I've ruminated on the past year, made vague predictions or suggested projections about the coming year, and commented on the status of my health and my business for the 12 months preceding the post.

A minor change in format this year.  Now we enter the phase of oblique mentions, nothing specific.

Weird events occurred in the beginning of the year.  Early February.  An injury of significant proportion. I feared for how this would affect my business.  Those fears turned out to be of no consequence. All the accounts bore with me, some waiting as long as a year. I am just now getting to some work that was actually due in Spring of last year.  Clients were supportive and incredibly considerate.  "We like your work,we respect how you go about it, we'll wait until you can do it.  As long as it takes.  No problem."  Then my contact at that client left to go to another job.  The new contact reiterated what she had to say.

To say I was humbled, thankful and overwhelmed (and relieved!) is an understatement.

This happened a number of times in different ways as I attempted to do whatever I could.  The bigger and more challenging work just had to wait.  And it did. When one is self-employed, as I have been throughout most of my adult life, getting work done on time and meeting client expectation is a core necessity.  Clients bearing with me, extending deadlines, understanding when I'd explain that I was just too tired to take care of something (thanks, Tom!) and telling me to just recuperate and resume when okay ... floored me.  At my weakest moment my clients and friends offered me nothing but strength.

This month, the onset of 2015, finds me getting back in gear.  There's still some uphill climb, but it seems less steep by the day and the majority of the process seems to be behind me.

Which makes for a very upbeat and confident feeling about the year.

Let's leave it at that.

And for the record: will I think to update this site, this rarely viewed or used blog, more than but once this year?   Maybe.

But not likely.  See you next year.  


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